Solar Panels On Roof Pros And Cons

Solar panels on roof pros and cons | everything in details

Thinking of getting a solar panel for you? Well, the choice can be confusing because of all the whispers that people give you. But no matter how hard you feel it is, we are going to clear out the air for you today. So this article is all about Solar panels on roof pros and cons.

If you want to know our suggestion in short, then solar energy usage is undoubtedly still the best thing that we can go for. Especially for our present environment and global condition, it is high time we switch to a renewable source of energy. Even if it seems to be ancient, modern technology has changed the view of solar panel installation as well. So we would obviously suggest you rely on one.

But if you are not convinced yet, we have brought the detailed pros-cons and overview for you. Let’s get started with the main context!

Solar panels on roof pros and cons explained

Solar panels on roof pros:

If you start noticing, there are a lot of advantages to solar energy. Now we are going to make a few inevitable ones clear to you:

  • Renewable Energy Source: The most important point of a solar panel is that these are renewable sources of energy. You can use these as much as you need while not having a lack of energy source issue as they are recharged by the sunrays.

As you will never be in lack of solar energy, installing a solar panel set would save a lot of money by turning the never-ending sun rays into solar energy. Also, these panels are extremely environmentally friendly. So you will work as a savior of the world and a hero in one word!

  • Money saver: Solar panels work as a great money saver as they drop the electricity bills. Especially for corporate areas, you will get broke paying the big electricity bills. So the solar panels are very convenient to use in corporate areas for power sources.

Moreover, as the panels store energy for later usage, no electricity cut will happen in emergency times. As a result, you can complete your works without any kind of interruption.

  • Versatile usage: Solar panels can also do multiple tasks sometimes. They can generate solar energy as well as heat up. These can be used as an alternative to energy grids to places where electricity is hard to provide.
  • Little maintenance: Another plus point of solar panels is that they do not require high maintenance at all. These panels only need to be cleaned at least once a year. The manufacturers usually give a warranty of 25 years in a solar panel set. After installing, you don’t need to move or replace any part of the solar panels. You only need to replace the inverter hardly in ten years. 
  • Feature developments: For the betterment of the customers, the solar panels continuously get developed depending on the reviews. So, purchasing a solar panel would surely provide the best service to the customer with the latest features. So you will always get an upgraded version to serve you; which is convincing.
  • Easy installation: these panels require an easy installation effort. You can set these up within the least possible time and therefore get the service within hours. Even if you are quite a knowledgeable person, you can set the whole panel only by yourself.

Solar panels on roof cons:

  • Dependence on the weather: As the solar panels generate electricity from the sun and are charged by the sun rays, it is useless to the places where sun rays can’t reach. So, to those countries where the sun is hardly seen, installing a solar panel would be a big loss. Also, if it keeps raining continuously or in a situation where the solar panels can’t have the sun rays, then it is of no use to install solar panels.
  • Expensive to store the energy: Although solar energies generated by the solar panels can be stored up, it would be really expensive. Solar panels use a large battery to store energy, which turns out to be very costly to purchase. Also, the installation of solar panels is costly depending on the place and the product.
  • Usage of a lot of space: Setting a solar panel set on the rooftop is really a hard task to do as they take a lot of space. The size of the required solar panel depends on the need of the customer. So, if the need is big, the size would be large too. As a result, the solar panels will cover a lot of space. Usually, solar panels cover most of the rooftop so if you have a small roof, it can be problematic.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How to know the number of required solar panels?

The number of solar panels that are required depends on the need of the user. Usually, it is solved by multiplying the hourly energy need of the house divided by the power wattage of a solar panel. One can take the low wattage and high wattage as an example of the power wattage.

What are the advantages of solar panels?

Solar energies created by solar panels are usually safer and less costly than electricity. You don’t have to spend on the electric bills per month if you install solar panels and generate the required electricity naturally. Solar panels are environmentally friendly too. This is why installing solar panels is the better idea. 

Is it harmful to stay near the solar panels?

No, it’s not harmful to get near solar panels. Solar panels don’t spread harmful rays. This is why they are safe to use. Even if you live near a solar farm, you are safe as it does not cause any damage to the human body.

Should I install a solar battery?

Although a solar battery is a bit expensive, it can serve with backup power even without causing greenhouse gas. A solar battery usually costs the same as a diesel generator. For a better backup power system, you should consider buying a solar battery.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, by now we have been able to explain to you Solar panels on roof pros and cons. It’s obvious that these solar panels are incredible options to switch to. Moreover, the energy source is the sun and as its a renewable energy, the energy is environmentally friendly as well. It will be a total win-win situation because affordability speaks on itself as well.

So if you are in doubt, let it go and grab the solar panel for you. You won’t regret your decision. For further information, you can read our related posts and you will have better guidelines. Good luck!

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