Commercial Solar Services

Commercial solar panel installation, Orlando, FL

Solar panels are the trending source for getting energy nowadays. It became so popular due to its efficiency and self-creating ability. Rather than looking for the support of a utility company, you need to establish panels in your backyard and take advantage of their maximum. 

So it is not only the home usage that we used to utilize solar energy. It is now using on industrial and commercial scales as well. They are usually bigger than the residents and will use more than 96 cells in one solar panel. Each of the panels will be made out of 36 or more photovoltaic cells.  

Benefits of solar energy for commercial buildings


One of the main big benefits a commercial building will get is the huge investment return. So if you ever think of switching a commercial building into a solar energy utilizing, don’t consider it an expense. It is an investment. The return you get through this investment from solar power will always exceed many investments than ones that come from the money to your business. So it can save the regular wastage of powers for years.

Commercial solar panels are actually in the state of a paid-off, and they can reduce the operating expense from a business. So it can impact a huge amount of benefit for the balance sheet of your company. Every business will understand that the cost they have to pay as a paid-off from the utilizing sources will be more than the solar energy installation.

Solar energy can also control the energy bills you get in the future. Of course, you never know what cost will bring up to you in the future, but you can install solar energy panels rather than worrying about the future costs you will bear for the power. You will never want to face unpredictable fluctuating bills of energy.

And you will eventually get to know about reducing the energy that a commercial solar panel will gain through a year. The budget of your industry will get easier than before because you shouldn’t have to worry about energy prices anymore.

Solar energy will increase the property value as well. If a commercial building has solar panels installed on it, eventually, it is rising through its property value. It is constant, and it doesn’t change over time. If a building has a low electric bill within it, that is a big advantageous point for business owners. So we can clearly say that if c commercial has solar panels installed within it, it makes the place more desirable. Solar panels are befitting you by the tax credit. If there are commercial solar panels, a percentage of the tax credit will be reduced, and there will be a full available depreciation.  The solar installation will open the road for taking a deduction from 1st year through the energy.


Once there are commercial solar panels, you will never going to receive a high energy bill. Each month it will get reduced. When your money goes less to the power companies, you will receive that excess money back onto your hand.

How much does it cost to install commercial solar panels?

It depends on the kW you used for the commercial building. When the solar panel system is getting bigger, average prices for it and the expected price ranges are going to be increased equal to it. Following are the expected price ranges that you will cost for a commercial solar panel installation.

  • 25kW will cost 50,211 dollars average price
  • 50kW will cost 100,423 dollars average price
  • 100kW will cost 200,846 dollars average price
  • 250kW will cost 502,113 dollars average price

How long does it take to install commercial solar panels?


Commercial solar panel installation has a wide range of processes, and it needs more time than residential ones. It happens due to the wide range. It will take up to 1 day to 5 days to install a solar panel, and it has to be done step by step.

A well-skilled team like Teamjevisolar will take a lesser time than normal, but it depends. When a solar installation area has to engage is high, the days it takes will also be changed. Usually, there are several steps that we should follow for a solar installation.

  • First, we need the solar agency and take a contract from it.
  • Designing and engineering is the next task, and it will take some time. It is not a process that we can finish within one or two days, and it will take time. So if you want a commercial panel, you should engage with your company from an early date.
  • A solar installation needs a permit and the preferred materials for it.
  • After all these things are gathered, the last part is to install the panels.
  • Commissioning and inspection will be done after the installation of panels.

How do you choose the right solar company for Commercial Buildings?


You better understand and identify your solar company first. Use the reviews they have taken and some resources regarding their works to do this. Make sure they have the right expertise knowledge for installing these solar panels, and if not, it will resulting in a money wastage. 

As commercial solar panel installation is a wide project, you better choose a well licensed and insured company for your task. Suppose you have chosen a non-licensed one. Then to whom you say about the wide-ranged solar panels you have installed in your building and how can you recover that loss? So please think before you install them into a commercial building.

Consider about the company credibility and reputation. It is better to have support from a good reputation and credible resources than to take new support. There is no guarantee for other companies who don’t have a reputation. But you have it with a credible company. So make it useful to your advantage.

And the last is to check on their warranties for the solar and the skills on maintenance. If a company has zero skills for maintenance, a simple error you would have on your solar panels will not be fixed due to their lack of knowledge. That is not what you expect from a company, so you need to think twice and check if they own skills and the warranties for their solar panels.


What TeamJevi Solar offer here in Orlando FL?

From site appraisal to system design, sourcing, installation, and operations and maintenance services, TeamJevi Solar will walk you through every stage of your solar energy system.

Our solar pre-construction services are designed to help you get your solar project up and running faster. We have the expertise, knowledge, and partnerships to get a project off the ground swiftly and efficiently, from feasibility studies to system design.

We are committed to project site safety, teamwork, communication, and excellent outcomes during the building phase of your solar project. All solar projects are overseen by Team Jevi’s skilled project managers and site supervisors to ensure that they are finished on time and within budget.

We can provide professional post-construction services to assure the quality and lifespan of your solar energy system, leveraging cutting-edge technology and world-class people to continuously monitor and control system performance. In addition, if necessary, we can send trained specialists to a project site to confirm that the system is operating properly.

. If you’re not sure which material to go with, we’ll be pleased to advise you on the finest option for your specific roofing needs. You can easily contact TeamJevi Solar by dialing 407-853-1672