How To Use Solar Panels For Camping

How To Use Solar Panels For Camping | You Should Know This

The remote power supply is what we always chase. Especially when you are going camping, the remote power can save your back from a lot of issues. You will get constant power for your phone, fridge, and other electronic devices.

Now there are available portable solar panels for carrying with you. But how to use those? If you are more of a solar energy person, then today’s topic is perfect for you. Because today we will discuss how to use solar panels for camping.

If you want to consider solar energy for your camping, you will need to decide on your power needs and the reach of enough sunlight to charge the solar device. After keeping everything in mind, now we will share the detailed procedure. Keep on reading!

How To Use Solar Panels For Camping?

Now we will share everything that we found out in this regard so that you can make the best use of your solar panels in the camping. Remember that we are going to share the fundamentals so if you miss any of these, you will fall into great trouble.

The power usage: First of all, you need to decide on how much power you will need for your camping. For instance, you can organize all the purposes in a list and find out the approximate power needs.

If you need to charge your device, use a refrigerator, a laptop, and other necessary electronic devices, assume the average voltage needs and sum those up. Later on, you have to carry the solar panel according to your power needs.

The perfect panel: Now that you know your optimum power needs, you need to get the solar panel according to your needs. So either you can get the portable solar panel with or without a battery depending on your need for power. If you need more power then you might have to take more than one battery in case of emergencies.

Rechargeable area: After deciding your power needs, you need to search for the perfect area for recharging the solar panel. Make sure that enough sunlight reaches the area. Otherwise, your solar panel will be of no use.

To make sure of the sunlight, you can check the area map beforehand.  As many of the camping areas are shady and don’t get enough sunlight, if you don’t find a place nearby where the sunlight can reach, it will be troublesome for you.

Tips: If you don’t find even a single area where you can charge the solar panel, or if the weather is not up to the mark in that area, you should rethink your decision of using rechargeable solar power. In this case, you can get a solar panel generator where you will find a built-in battery. Or you can take multiple batteries with you so that you never lack power.

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A few things to consider

  • Remember that solar panels do not work without direct sunlight. That’s why to avoid any kind of unwanted trouble, you need to make sure of the direct sunlight passway to your solar panel.
  • Do not try to charge keeping the solar panel within a glass window or door. It can still recharge but it won’t be as effective as direct sunlight.
  • If you can, take as many cells as you can to keep safe in times of emergency. You can’t be sure if you will get enough sunlight to charge the panel or not. Also, you can’t assume the weather so it’s better to be safe than regret.
  • Make sure to take a good quality battery with you that will serve you for a longer period. Also, if you can, think of as many alternatives as you can.

How many solar panels will I need for camping?

That’s the question that you need to figure out on your own. Your daily power needs on camping will decide your approximate power needs. Suppose you will use a phone, fridge, television, portable light, stereo every day. You need to calculate the approximate power usage for these devices and therefore plan on the panel number. Here is a small idea on the devices that people take on camping usually and their power usage or an idea:

DeviceAverage charging ampCharging timeTotal power usage
Phone23 hours6 AH
Fridge414 hours56 AH
Stereo32 hours6 AH
Portable light0.54 hours2 AH
Television623 hours138 AH
 Total208 Ah

So you can see if you take the solar panels which can supply on average 208-210 AH of power, you can freely spend your days camping. This is just a draft. You can amend this according to your personal power needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much solar power do I need for camping?

You need on average 180W solar power for camping. But A huge number of people will recommend 20% of the requirements. It’s better if you figure out your preferred power usage and take the power source according to that.

Are portable solar panels worth it?

Although portable solar panels do not provide plenty of energy, still solar panels will suit your adventures like camping and hiking to another level. As portable solar panels are made to do so, we can say that it is worth the investment.

Do portable solar panels help in camping ?

Portable solar panels are very popular for being a perfect companion while doing any kind of camping. It helps you to generate electricity in the camping grounds. Moreover they are formulated to supply electricity in a way that the amount can be considered to be the perfect.

Is setting up solar panels for camping tough?

Not at all. Portable solar panels are made to be the easiest way of having electricity in the distance regions. You can easily set that in a few minutes by reading the manual.

How much is the cost of solar panels for camping?

Because of the varieties of different brands and types of solar panels, telling the exact amount is a little difficult. But you will get a portable solar panel for an average of $600 to $2000. The money rises along with the size and quality.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, by now you have an idea of How to use solar panels for camping. You can follow our lead and have the perfect camping experience without any back pain or power troubles. The solar panel is meant to help you with the constant power supply that you desire for your perfect camping experience.

So, gather every tool for your unlimited power supply and get ready for your camping. Furthermore, do not forget to figure out our approximate power need and take the solar panel accordingly. Also, always remember the tips and additional things that we have shared for your highest safety. Good luck!

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