Feelle Solar Charger 24000mah Review

Feelle Solar Charger 24000mah Review | Every Detail Included

Solar chargers are like a lifesaver nowadays. Whenever you are in trouble with charging, you can just use it. Especially if you are a regular traveler, the importance of a small solar charger won’t be explainable in words. In fact, you will save your back in many ways if you get one of these chargers.

To let you know in short if you don’t know already, solar chargers are meant to charge your devices in times of need. It’s almost the same as solar panels, but it is small in size and portable. Also, these chargers are convenient to charge your phone and other small devices.

But as there are numerous options, we don’t want to ruin your day with some craps. That’s why we have brought the best solar charger for you. Today, we will give our honest opinion about one of the most hyped solar chargers, that is, Feelle solar charger 24000mah.

So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Feelle Solar Charger 24000mah Review

Key specialties:

  • Wide range of compatibility with multiple devices
  • 24000 Milliamp Hours battery backup capacity for more powerful
  • Maximum 4.5W power output for more comfort
  • 6-8 times charging capability
  • Two USB charging ports ensure optimally charging adaptability
  • Extraordinary protection from overcharging, overvoltage, overcurrent
  • Best for traveling with this because it is portable
  • Two Recharging Ways to recharge the solar charger using the wall charger and direct solar energy as well

Easiest rechargeable option

Do you find it troublesome to use a solar charger because of the timing that these consume to get charged? Well, if you are impatient like us then congratulations. The good news is, you can charge this one at the least possible timing.

Not only the rechargeable timing, but the fast output will also impress you. As this foldable charger comes with three parts, you will get the best and fastest output. The 4.5W output can charge all your phones and devices within the least possible timing.

High- capacity than usual

Even though usual solar chargers do not serve a lot of power to get a proper outcome, still this solar charger provides an extensive capacity of charging. With the 24000mAh battery, you can charge your phone quickly.

Also, with the single charge in the solar charger, you can charge your smartphones 6-8 times, tablets for 2 times. Isn’t it impressive? The greater battery backup will surely help you in times of need. 

Compatible with a wide range of devices

While hiking and traveling, how will you feel if the device is not compatible? We know how you will feel. But this charger offers a wide range of compatibility with almost all popular devices. So no matter which device you use, your charging problem is always solved!

The wide-ranged compatibility is very helpful and the best for traveling. So if you are a travel-freak person, this one is going to be very beneficial for you. The powerful operation helps you every time no matter which device you use.

Other special features included

You will get extra features like an LED flashlight with 3 modes and a water protective body. So undoubtedly the best service in your traveling is guaranteed through it. The flashlight is very bright so you won’t have to carry an extra light with you in hiking or traveling. You can use the solar charger as a multi-purpose unit.


  • Extra backup
  • Great durability
  • More compatibility
  • Offers comfort in usage
  • Easy to carry


  • May show trouble with holding the charge

Why Have We Picked This One?

Whenever in long adventures you won’t find a proper opportunity of charging your respective devices the solar power bank will come to save you. This Solar power bank is compatible with many brands and models including the popular iPhone, Samsung, LG, and so on. It includes 3 foldable panels that can reach 4.5W output in direct sunlight.

You should choose this wonderful one for another reason also, its service is 3X faster than regular solar power banks. You can attach it to your backpack easily and get free energy when you are hiking or doing any other adventures. It comes with the highest amount of energy and an impressive capacity of 24000mAh. With that amount, you can charge your smartphone 6-8 times, tablets for two times, and other devices several times. Isn’t that just great?

If you ever lost your path due to darkness, do you ever think the power bank will ever come forward to save you? But here is the miracle! This solar power bank includes a flashlight that offers 3 modes. Moreover, the materials of this power bank are rainproof and dustproof. So hiking, camping, or any other outdoor activities are just a matter of time!

Wanna know another surprising reason for buying this power bank? It has the capacity of protecting itself from overcharging and overvoltage. It will be your perfect companion whenever or wherever you need it. Don’t you think these reasons are more than enough for getting this power bank and making your life much easier?

If you are still not sure then let me give you closure, all these incredible and impressive features including water-resistance, highest battery life, awesome charging power, durability, great quality materials, and other ones can be enjoyed at a very reasonable price! So what are you waiting for? Get this and unleash the enjoyment of adventures without worrying about charging your devices.

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Wrapping up

We all are familiar with the great impacts of Power banks in our regular life which become miserable with no charging source outside! But often regular power banks are not enough for fulfilling our needs in journeys. That’s where the solar chargers help. So hopefully, we could help you with the proper Feelle solar charger 24000mah review by now.

The awesome features and qualities have impressed us in many ways. From durability to powerful operation, everything is praise-worthy about this. So if you are already ready to buy, you can get this solar charger for yourself. We can confidently say that you won’t regret your decision at all!

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