Why Are Solar Panels Covered In Glass

Why Are Solar Panels Covered In Glass | The Real Reason

As solar panel remains open in the rooftop, any possibility of damage because of the dirt, water and other natural calamities like rain or storm is very usual. We all know that installing and buying a new solar panel costs a lot. So would you let your solar panel ruin without taking any safety measures? We know the answer will be negative.

Probably you can guess that Why are solar panels covered in glass? Of course, as a protective layer, solar panels are covered with high-quality glass. But will any usual type of glass protect your solar panels? No, that’s not true.

We have figured out the reason for using the solar panel glass coverings and also the type of coverings that are used in solar panels. Later on, we will share the repairing procedure for broken solar panel coverings as well. Without any further delay, let’s get started!

Why Are Solar Panels Covered In Glass?

Most people are almost always ignorant about checking the glass that has covered the panels even though solar panel glasses are one of the most important parts of a solar panel. It is because glasses are what protect the internal solar cells from damages and dust, rust, the water from the outside environment, and rain or other natural calamities.

Generally, people use tough tampered glasses on their solar panels to make the protection stronger. When the protection is stronger, the service of the solar panels will be extended. Tempered glasses are perfect for solar panels. It’s because these glasses are specially designed for fragile things like solar panels as they tend to be the strongest glass type. 

Internal solar cells are very sensitive and fragile. The dust and rain from the outside might cause serious damage to the solar cells. Also, if the solar cells are not covered with glass, then animals and insects might damage them too.

On the other hand, bad weather like storms and rain can also damage the solar panels as they are very sensitive without being covered. Even if it’s too hot outside, the solar panels will get damaged because of overheating as heat is not what the solar panels use to produce the energy.

When it comes to covering the solar panels, we have to keep in mind that solar panels won’t work if they don’t get sunlight properly. So, nothing works better than glass when it comes to reflecting the sunlight into the solar panels. 

Glasses work as a barrier to protect the solar panels from damages. There are varieties of solar panel glasses depending on the requirements of the solar panels. Experts say that tempered glasses are the best ones for solar panels as they are the toughest ones to protect the panels from getting damaged.

How Do You Repair A Broken Glass Solar Panel?

Although broken glass doesn’t damage the solar panels seriously, it might cause slight complications. If you can’t cover the glass with tape properly, then you need to follow these steps to repair your broken glass easily:

Prepare the broken glass and the needed ingredients: At first, select a place where you can repair the broken glass without any trouble. Then, collect the required ingredients such as resin, gloves, a mixer, and a container.

Prepare the resin: Make the resin mixed enough so that it will get fixed on the solar panel’s surface easily. Use a mixer to mix it properly. You can also use Polyurethane instead of resin.

Pour the resin: Put the whole resin into a container that can spread it in the whole panel properly. Then, pour the mix into every corner of the solar panel. Make sure that every corner is covered equally. You can use a brush to spread them on the surface, but be careful not to use a tough brush to do so.

Wait for the resin to dry: Place the glass somewhere beneath the sunlight so that the resin dries quickly. Make sure not to touch the surface without it being completely dried. After drying, you are ready to go!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does solar glass cost?

The price of the solar glass is different for each of the models. Solar glasses have many things that vary from each other. The price depends on the model, features, durability, company, and design. At present, the latest design of solar glass costs around $42,500.

Do solar panels work through glass?

Yes, they do. But even if they work through glass, the production of electricity might get low as the sunlight needs to pass through the glass. The more dense the solar glass is, the less the solar panel would get sunlight and produce electricity.

What kind of glass is used in solar panels?

The glasses that are used in solar panels have a thing in common, which is toughness. Usually, people use tempered glass in their solar panels. Tempered glasses are the toughest glass that has ever been made. Because of the toughness, tempered glasses are perfect for solar panels.

What is the weight of glass in a solar panel?

The weight of the glass usually depends on the length and the size. Usually, 2500kg is said to be the perfect weight of glass in a solar panel. The heavier the glass is, the less the production of electricity will be to the solar panels.

Is solar panel glass replacement possible?

Although the solar cells keep working even while the glass is broken, they might get damaged as they are no longer protected by the glass. If the glass is broken lightly, then you might be able to cover it up with tape. but if the condition becomes serious, the glass can be replaced only when it doesn’t touch the solar cells.

Closing Words

We assume that you already know why are solar panels covered in glass. So, to conclude, the main reason for using glass coverings on the solar panels is to protect them properly. But not to mention again that you cannot just use any ordinary glass on top of your solar panels and expect those to keep your panels protected.

That’s why tampered glasses are the only safest way to rely on when you want the fullest security. So, discuss with your local experts to keep the panels protected. If you already have tampered with glasses over your solar panels and you are worried about any breakage that needs to be fixed, follow our given way carefully.

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