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5 Best Portable Solar Panels | Best Performing Options

Portable solar panels are a very reliable option for a portable power source. You know how important these become especially when you are traveling. The emergency power source becomes inevitable in hiking and tours, that’s where these portable solar panels save you.

But it is not as easy as it sounds, the choice becomes difficult because of numerous available options in front of us. That’s why, considering the price range, quality, material, and performance is indeed important. We know that you find all these things overwhelming and end up getting an ordinary panel for you.

No more worries, we have brought the top 5 incredible best portable solar panels for you. We will share the detailed review and our honest opinion about these panels. Let’s get started and get the best one for you!

5 Best Portable Solar Panels- Detailed Review

Now it’s time to dive into the main context. Let’s dig deeper and get to know about the solar panels!

1. ACOPOWER UV11007GD 100W Foldable Solar Panel Kit

ACOPOWER UV11007GD 100W Foldable Solar Panel Kit

Key features:

  • Portable electricity solution for batteries and power stations
  • Multiple additional solar panels can be connected through the MC-4 controller for faster charging
  • Can power up multiple devices at the same time
  • Safety measures included for system overcharge or short circuits
  • Ideal for camping, hiking, caravans, or even military use

As we start relying more and more on electricity, the necessity of electricity can be felt almost everywhere. The portable solar panel solutions by ACOPOWER provide the necessary electricity to you whenever you need it. Since it uses sunlight for power, you can use it anytime during the day and get your devices charged up.

It also comes in a suitcase clamshell so you can carry it anywhere during your travels. If you are a person who loves to explore the world, this buddy will be your best companion for your energy supply. This solar panel is two panels of 50 watts adding up to a total of 100 watts of power. You can charge up any car battery or power bank with that kind of power. It also has a charge controller which gives you a lot of manual control.

You can add connections of other solar panels to it making your device charge faster. The frame is made out of aluminum and has protected corners for durability. It has all the safety fuses and controllers for safe and reliable power delivery. Considering all the specifications, we couldn’t help to keep it in our best picks.


  • Very versatile
  • Decent power delivery
  • Portable and small form factor
  • Durable


  • Not easy to use

2. Renogy 100 Watt Portable Foldable Solar Panel

Renogy 100 Watt Portable Foldable Solar Panel

Key features:

  • Comes with a protective case for extended durability
  • 20 amps charge controller is waterproof and has various useful features
  • Suitable for marine and off-grid operations as well as conventional
  • Can be mounted on top of RVs
  • Has multiple safety measures against overcharge and electric shock hazards

An ideal suitcase solar panel for your travels on water and off-grid, the Renogy solar panel is designed for hardline use cases. With this one, you can charge your necessary devices even in watery places such as boats because the 20 amps charge controller that comes with this is waterproof! It also has an LCD for showing important information.

The Renogy solar panel is designed for ruggedness as this comes with a protective suitcase to avoid damaging the fragile solar panels during your travels. It also comes with an aluminum stand to hold it up without mounting. A heavy-duty handle is placed for ease of carrying. No matter where you go, the carrying will never be easier than this.

The charge controller has many safety features built right into it which include overcharge protection. This protects your battery and increases its lifespan. The whole system is powered by a lower voltage than conventional panels which helps avoid electric shock hazards, while also maintaining 100 watts of power.


  • Offers water resistance
  • Easy to carry
  • Comes with excellent tech support
  • Offers impressive charging power


  • Not pocket friendly

3. Goal Zero Boulder Solar Panel

Goal Zero Boulder Solar Panel

Key features:

  • Built with professional-grade work cases in mind
  • Has strong tempered glass on the panel front and anodized aluminum frame providing maximum sustainability
  • Can be chained and merged with multiple panels of the same model for added power
  • Comes with easy to setup guides and components
  • Has a two-year warranty for worry-free use

If you are looking for a portable solar panel, you’re most likely going to travel with it to distant places. In that case, you’d want the panel to be durable and reliable. The Goal Zero solar panel has tempered glass protecting the panel from scratches and damage. Since it is tempered glass, it lets all the light pass through so it does not affect the performance of the panels.

The panel delivers a consistent rate of power making it more reliable. It also comes with a protective canvas for easier carrying and transport. Moreover, you will get a two-year warranty so you don’t have to worry about a thing! So even if you occur the slightest disturbance, the warranty will save your back.

The Goal Zero solar panel has a nice and useful feature that is the ability to merge multiple of their panels. This will come in handy as more panels can be connected through the charge controller and can output much higher power resulting in faster, more effective charging. You won’t have to lag behind the energy anymore once you get it.


  • Comes with the perfect amount of thickness
  • Portable
  • Pocket friendly
  • Easy and flexible to use


  • The stand cannot be extended so you’re stuck with one position

4. Jackery SolarSaga 60W Solar Panel

Jackery SolarSaga 60W Solar Panel

Key features:

  • Higher conversion efficiency of panel, providing up to 23% more efficiency
  • Flexible stand for various positions of the panel
  • Has various protection certifications against electricity hazards
  • It’s durable ETFE material on the panel making it less likely to be broken
  • Has USB ports on the controller to charge up modern devices

The jockey SolarSaga solar panel has merged a more modern experience into conventional solar panels. You can carry this anywhere as it comes with a carrying bag and handles. Traveling will be easier with this panel. It is mostly made for charging up to power stations and batteries in a short time.

Since this is a 60 watts unit, it has two panels producing 30 watts each. This low power system results in a more stable output as it doesn’t need too much sunlight. It also helps prevent electrical accidents with its low power. So if you accidentally touch the open wires, you should be safe.

This solar panel has built-in USB ports on the back of the panel, through which you can charge your more modern devices such as mobile phones and laptops. Although the charging speed won’t be great, it is enough to get your phone up and running. It also has Jackery’s high-efficiency conversion making it operable in less sunlight.


  • 60-watt panel is lighter in weight
  • Easy to handle
  • Formulated with great quality materials
  • Meets most daily necessities


  • The Sheerness of this solar panel may bother you

5. Jackery SolarSaga 100W Portable Solar Panel

Jackery SolarSaga 100W Portable Solar Panel

Key features:

  • Meets the necessity of higher-powered devices
  • Made specifically for outdoor life and travels
  • The frame is made out of polycarbonate to make it lightweight and highly portable
  • Panel efficiency helps it sustain electricity even in the roughest weathers
  • High powered USB ports for fast phone and other device charging

The Jackery Solar saga is a solar panel that really tries to emphasize portability and flexibility of use. If you live in a region with a cut off power grid or you are camping, this solar panel will provide the most flexibility to you. It comes in a lightweight yet durable body so you can carry it around easily.

Since these solar panels will spend most of their lifespan outside, they need to be reasonably durable. The panel is covered with a protective material coating which protects it from bad weather. It is also a high power so you can charge multiple devices or batteries at the same time.

This being a high powered panel can also raise safety thoughts, but fear not as this has many fuses and certifications on high power. It has several USB ports so you can fast charge your phones or laptops through that, which can be very handy.


  • Multiple panels can be connected providing versatility
  • Has good resistance against water
  • Easy to set up
  • Accommodates many weather situations


  • Customer service is disappointing

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Buying guide for portable solar panels

Nowadays, people rely on solar panels rather than generators and other electricity-producing gadgets. It’s because solar panels are easy to set up, avoid complications, and are easy to move. Portable solar panels are more popular as they are easy to travel with and can be moved anywhere without any kind of problems.

To let you know the facts that you should consider before buying your desired portable solar panels, this article is going to help you out as a guide. So, here’s what you should consider before buying:


There’s no point in buying a solar panel for hiking or camping if it is not flexible enough to fit in anywhere. Space is what matters the most in adventures. So, you have to choose a solar panel that is very portable to free up your space.


Fixing up a budget will help you to be satisfied with your solar panels. Otherwise, many people find their products to be expensive compared to their needs after buying. If you fix up the budget, it will be easier for you to get the desired product with amazing features also.   


No matter what the features are, you need to find something which is very light in weight and is very handy. It’s because light-weighted handy things are always the ones which ease the pain of carrying a lot of heavy stuff. So, light-weighted things are always perfect for journeys.


High-quality products might cost a little bit,  but they are the ones which last for the longest period. Products that are high in quality are the strongest in durability. Even though they are a bit costly, they are the best ones to look for.     


You need to find something that fits in your backpack easily. As travelers need to fit a lot of things in their backpacks, they always choose smaller things for traveling. Also, small solar panels are usually light in weight.


People often forget to check up on the batteries. But it is a very important thing to consider before buying. The battery ensures the energy-producing capability and the restoring capacity of the solar panels. So, you need to find a strong battery that fits in your budget to go for a long time.     

Features and designs

It would be great if you can find something that fits your budget as well as provides you with an amazing outlook and unique features. For that, you need to search up a bit to get your desired partner.

Wrapping up

Our suggestion on the best portable solar panels is over. Now it’s your call to choose whoever seems to be convenient to you. To clarify, each of these options is incredible in quality and performance. We have tested each of these and we are very satisfied with the outcome. Hopefully, you will be satisfied as well.

If you are still confused, read the buying guide again and let it sink while choosing the one for you. If you have any specific requirements in your mind, carefully choose one that offers the feature.

In the end, do not fall prey to less price because it can be troublesome if the solar panel stops working while you are traveling. Also, be careful about the waterproof facility as it will help in different seasons. All the best!

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